Stay on Track with Your Goals – Write them Down

Stay on Track with your goals - Write them down

Happy Monday!!! Today I am feeling great after a great weekend and wonderful Christmas.  I met some pretty cool people this weekend that really inspired me. Thanks Beth and Joseph for being so awesome and cool to hang out with.  It is nice to find true artists living their passions and getting paid doing it.  It gives hope that hard work and following your dreams pays off.

This morning I had a wonderful workout with the early birds.  Exercise sets the pace and the tone for the day.  I will weigh in this morning before breakfast and track my points on weight watcher’s online.  I am committed to staying on track.

I encourage you to start today with exercise and eating healthy. Take a walk in the neighborhood, on the beach, in the park, or ride a bicycle.  Purchase an exercise ball and a few small had weights from Target or Walmart.

It doesn’t take tons of money or lots of time.  It takes a few small steps to get started and a written down goal to track and monitor your progress. It is relatively simple and easy.  Tracking your eating and exercise and measuring progress helps you achieve your goals.

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Woman losing 282 pounds is an Inspiration

Natalie Strawn on Good Morning America with Mom (ABC/News)

How would you feel if you lost 282 pounds over 2 years? Motivated or Disappointed?

Natalie Strawn, a 20 year old Nebraska woman, can tell you first hand that it is possible. Natalie struggled with her weight all her life. When she was 17, she had dropped out of high school because she could barely move with the 552 pounds of excess weight she was carrying around.

She was at a crossroads in her life and made a decision to do something about this weight that she so desperately needed to lose.  Weight Watchers was a part of that decision. She is taking each day, one day at a time, with the help of her mom and her continued quest of more weight loss.

I was truly inspired when I saw her story on Good Morning America.  As you all know, I am forever on a journey to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am a member of Weight Watchers Online and enjoy all of the support and love that I get from the Weight Watcher’s Online Community.  I can’t say enough good things about how much I have enjoyed the program.

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Knee Arthritis: Exercise and Weight Loss May Help

According to studies presented at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting, in Chicago, Arthritis of the knee is striking Americans at younger ages.However, shedding a few pounds helps reduce your risk.

Nearly, 6.5 million Americans ages 35 to 84 are projected to be diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis in the next decade, based on the new projections.

Knee injuries are linked with an increased risk of knee arthritis. Certain sports are riskier than others, said researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Driban, assistant professor of rheumatology at Tufts Medical Center.

Driban reviewed studies that looked at a link between sports participation and knee Osteo Arthritis and looked at the correlation between athletes and nonathletes. [Read more…]

Happy Saturday…Heading out for morining Exercise

Today is a beautiful day in Sunny South Florida.  I have just finished my wonderful breakfast (Cheerios, Banana & Coffee).  I am getting ready for my 5 miler to start my day out right.  I have been up since dawn working on a new website so I need so fresh air to get my joints moving.

I am grateful that my dear friends in Forty Fort, PA are safe.  They were evacuated due to the heavy rains in their area.  My heart and prayers go out to all of the people affected by the storms this year. Regardless if someone that you know is affected, you just don’t want to see that happening to anyone.  I will definitely be giving to some charities to help the flood victims.  I am encouraging everyone to do the same.

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My Journey on Weight Watchers online

I have been on Weight Watchers since the beginning of this year.  It is amazing how time flies.  The program has taught me so much about making decisions on eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

The journey has not been a walk in the park, because as we get older, it takes more effort to lose the weight. I wish that I could say the pounds are coming off quickly, but that is not the case.

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