Disney caves in and shuts down obesity exhibit

Wow!!! When did helping kids battle obesity become so controversial? We have a powerhouse like Disney trying to use their influence and help kids understand the importance of exercise instead of eating junk food and watching tv or playing video games for hours and everyone gets outraged.  Critics of the Disney anti obesity exhibit claim that Habit Heroes reinforces stereotypes that obese kids are lazy, have poor eating habits.

When will these controversial critics WAKE UP and realize that Obesity is an epidemic. Having health issues that can be brought as a result of being overweight can include things such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or certain types of cancer. Maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise should be the focus for everyone, especially our children.

After seeing the slideshow of the Disney anti-obesity Habit Heroes Avatars in a Huffington Post article, I do not understand the outrage.  Some of the Habit Heroes names include: Lead Bottom, Sweet Tooth, The Snacker, Control Freak, The Glutton, Insecura, and Drama Queen.

We can’t neglect the fact that there are SOME people that have medical issues that are beyond their control and cause weight gain. Including some medications that cause weight gain. HOWEVER, in these instances a proper balanced diet that does NOT include junk food, should not be precluded just because of this medical issue.  [Read more…]