Marlins fail to deliver in Season Opener


Miami Marlins Lose Against Cardinals in New Marlins Stadium


The MLB 2012 Season has officially started. The Miami Marlins are settled in their new park and is getting used to their new name and colors.  I am excited about the new stadium and the fact that it is covered. It will encourage more people to come out to games. It will also prove to be a useful new venue for other events in the area.

Despite all of the fan fare and attention being given to the Miami Marlins, the Arizona Cardinals, current defending Cardinals, made the headlines with their 4/1 win over the Miami Marline. This is largely due to the spectacular efforts if Arizona Cardinals Kyle Lohse.

The new Miami Marlins Stadium cost the local taxpayers, lots of cold hard cash. However, the “tropical-tinged newness”, brightly hued stadium, costly free agents, exotic-fish aquariums and Joan Miró surrealistic art, could not help the Miami Marlins, muster up a win for the Season Opener in the new Miami Marlins Stadium. Personally, I am a little disappointed in the team over this.  They really should have won the first game in the stadium.  They can make up for it by going to the Playoffs and winning  :)

I don’t know if the Miami Marlins owner, Jeffrey Loria, is happy with his team’s performance. I can tell you that all of people, along with me, are not too pleased. However, the one bright spot is that the city of Miami,now has a $600 million stadium, thanks to the Miami-Dade County commissioners believing the future of the Miami Marlins Franchise and it’s impact on the local economy. Only time will tell.

Highlights of the new Miami Marlins Stadium

  • A famous South Beach bar is ensconced beyond the left-field wall
  • A Swimming pool
  • Umbrella drinks and salsa music
  • A Spectacular home run sculpture
  • A tangle of marlins, seagulls and flamingos that explodes when a Marlins player hits a home run

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