Great Sunday Workout!!!

OMG!!!  Feeling great after my awesome workout… I have no proof, but I think that my IPOD Tunes really helped my work out intensity. Atlthough the tunes are random, today they were all very fast moving songs. When this happens, I tend to push myself harder. Wow!! My legs legs are feeling the 4 miles, I did today.

But I can’t leave out my Brooks Running Shoes.  They make my feet feel awesome and inspire me to be happy. The one thing that you can’t skimp on and that is proper exercise shoes. Personally, Brooks Running shoes are the  only ones that I wear. My arch will not allow me to be unfaithful to Brooks runnng shoes, so I am a loyal fan of this ultra comfortablle shoe.

Of course, I can’t take the credit for this, the guys at the Runner’s Depot have educated me on understanding my gate and my running shoes. I love those guys and believe there is no other running store like them on the planet. Don’t trust me, visit any of their stores and not only will the huge selection of merchandise blow you away, but their excellent customer service will keep you coming back for more.

It is amazing how your body fees when you push it a lttle harder.

I am now heading out to Brio’s Tuscan Grill with friends.  This is one of my favs.

I promise that I will get another workout in tonight with my fitness ball and hand weights.

It is nice to see progress from my workouts. Therefore, I am not going to let my indulgences counter my efforts.

Hope you had a chance to exercise this weekend.