Fitness Ball is great for Core Strength

I just completed a 45 minute routine using my Fitness Ball. My body feels great after my cool down with a few dynamic  yoga stretches.

It is super fun and easy doing exercises with my Fitness Ball using my beautiful hardcover book “Swiss Ball for Core Strength” by Declan Condron.  One of the primary reasons I love this book is the design and spiral coil binding that is hidden within the hardcover. This makes it easy to keep the book flat while I am doing my Fitness Ball exercises. Kudo’s to author Declan Condron for using this type of bindery. It helps readers stay engaged while exercising and reading  the  “Swiss Ball for Core Strength” book.

A few of my favorite exercises from the Swiss Ball for Core Strength book are:

Leg Curl, Upright Row, Reverse Crunch, Flat Fly, Leg Raise and the Hip Raise.

Regularly working out with the Fitness Ball provides many benefits to the body.

  • The fitness ball provides increased stimulation for the brain, central nervous system and the muscles.
  • The fitness ball provides improvement in coordination.
  • The fitness ball helps develop muscle synergy.

The list could go on, but I think that you get the picture by now that the Fitness Ball is good for you to incorporate into your exercise routine.

I like the Fitness Ball by Gaiam, you can pick up a Gaiam Fitness Stability Ball online or at Target. Regardless of the one you choose, buy a Fitness Ball  and use it regularly.

Happy Exercising!