Selling on ebay leads to $128M in sales

Nasty Gal Magazine

Who knew selling on ebay could lead to $128 Million in sales? Well according to an article on The Cut from NYMag, 28 year old Sophia Amoruso, did just that with her “Nasty Gal” line (Yes, that is the name of the business. The inspiring article Tastemaker: Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso Is Building an Indie Fashion Empire.

I really love reading success stories like this, however, they may skim over some details on the challenges the entrepreneur overcame.

I am most impressed with the ingenuity of this young person using the medium of the ebay to reach out and touch clients all over the country.

This shows you, that there really is not anything that you can’t do, if you put your mind to it and come up with a creative marketing plan.

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J.Crew pays $16M to Settle Shareholder Lawsuit

This is the suit brought against J.Crew because of its $3 billion private equity buyout, which shareholders argued unfairly favored CEO Mickey Drexler and the company’s interests.  It is amazing that the $16 million settlement came after a proposed $10 million offer failed to get shareholder buy in.

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