Book Review – Unbroken – Louie Zamperini story

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Laura Hillenbrand

  If you are looking for a good book with an inspiring story, check out Unbroken - A World WarII Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand, also author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend. Laura writes excellent narrative nonfiction. Unbroken details the story of an American POW being held by the Japanese during World War II. The author … [Read more...]

The MELT Method: Roll and Flex to Relieve Pain and Stress

photo credit - Melt Method

  Have you heard about this new exercise THE MELT method? It is all the rage among adults suffering from issues such as chronic pain, aching joints, weight gain, stress, wrinkles, digestive problems, low energy and insomnia. This new exercise method was created by Sue Hitzmann, a well known fitness instructor in Manhattan. The MELT Method uses a soft MELT roller … [Read more...]

My workout regimen – End of Year Game Plan


I am delighted to share my workout regimen for the end of year.... Especially thanks to the book: 20 Pounds Younger: The Life-Transforming Plan for a Fitter, Sexier You! by Michele Promaulayko and Laura Tedesco My goal is to exercise every day for an hour until the end of the year.  This will help me get ready for 2015. I have been a little remiss in my exercise … [Read more...]

Author Scott Westerfield – Sage Advice from NY Times Best Selling Author

Photo Credit: Scott Westerfield - Afterworlds

  Many of you know about my writing challenge for the month of November.  I am in the editing mode now of my novel. It is a delightful experience. I enjoy learning tips from successful writers.  It is so nice to see someone successful sharing tips and strategies for the newbies wanting to grow and strengthen their craft. I came across Scott Westerfield's blog … [Read more...]

100 Notable Books of 2014 – From NY Times Book Review

ny times book-review

It is that time of year again to look back at the Best Books of the year as listed by The New York Times Book Review editors.  I read the NY Times faithfully every Sunday and a few times during the week. The New York Times Book Review is my favorite part of the paper... Take a look at the list below highlighting a few notables in the Fiction and Poetry area. Do you think … [Read more...]

Miami Book Fair 2013 – Still Strong After 30 Fabulous Years!

Miami Book fair

Congratulations to the great team of volunteers, organizers and sponsors of this year's Miami Book Fair.  2013 marked the 30th year of this wonderful event.  It is literally an eight day literary feast for authors, writers and publishers.  People from all over the globe come down for 8 days and celebrate and promote the art and fun of literature. The best thing about this … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety –

simple guide to exercise safety

 A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety Review I just finished reading a great book:  A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety – What you don’t know CAN Hurt you by Dana Gore.  It was a real eye-opener for me, since I am a fitness enthusiast.  One of the things that I enjoyed the most about the book is that author  Dana Gore really made the reader think about how exercise affects the … [Read more...]

Book Expo America – Quite the inspiration for aspiring Authors

Book Expo America

I know that I speak for several aspiring authors out there, that is is such an inspiration to meet a published author.  Especially one that has written several books and is making money at it. But that does not mean that writing should or is all about making money. I came across the following article on - Octavia Spencer kicks off day two of BookExpo … [Read more...]

Editing Tips to Help Improve Your Writing


Serious writers are are always looking for ways to improve their written work. Seeking out advice from experienced writers, hire a professional copy editor and attend writing groups are few things things that serious writers enlist to help improve their craft.  I have found several tips along the way and here are a few that I think can prove beneficial to writers at all … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – Still Inspiring Lives after 109 years

Dr Seuss - Happy Birthday

Dr. Seuss would have turned 109 years old today. He was born Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904. He was one of the greatest American writers of children's books.  I will never forget my first Dr. Seuss book, which was the Cat in the Hat. In his lifetime, Theodor Seuss Geisel published 46 remarkable children's books with imaginative characters and memorable rhymes. It is … [Read more...]